How to request a removalist quote

How to request a removalist quote

Getting a removal quote for your move is the first step to finding the right mover. But with so many companies out there how do you know which one to pick?

Removal quotes differ for every removal company. There are also a lot of factors that can increase or decrease the cost of their service. Some removal companies charge a few hundred dollars while others go up as high as several thousand dollars. It’s crucial to compare removal quotes before deciding on the right removal company to hire for your move.

The following questions will help you get the best deal for your removal quote:

When is the best time to request removal quotes?

Requesting removal quotes is quite easy as many websites and removal companies already have online form links prepared for you to simply fill up.

However, it’s important to begin asking for removal quotes once you begin preparing for your move. Experts recommend around 6-8 weeks before your moving date so that you can save more time before the move.

If you request six weeks before your moving date, you can arrange a better quote and allow more special adjustments in your final arrangements. With more time you can also prevent yourself from rushing and packing things at the last minute. This is especially if you’re moving into a new property and selling your old one.

Use the moving cost calculator

Moving house can be expensive. To help you know the average cost of your move, try a moving cost calculator. Moving cost calculators help you determine the average cost of your move. They calculate it usually by multiplying the number of hours estimated to complete the move by the hourly rate of the removal company.

Some calculators also allow you to include additional charges such as packing materials, travel time, and tips. Many removals websites offer a free service moving cost calculator for their customers.

If you wish to have an exact quote, you need to make an appointment for a moving consultant to visit your residence.

What information do I need to include in my removal quote?

House removals can cost from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. For the consultant to give you a good estimate of your individual moving situation, you have to supply him with the following important details:

  1. Budget – When talking about your budget, be realistic and honest as possible. Moving house budget is important to consider when choosing the right mover for you. If you want to save money, you may want to do your own packing or have the time reduced for the crew to move you.
  2. Flexibility – Can you change your moving date to the second or third week of the month? If you have a more flexible date you can get more savings from the removal company. Some dates or days of the week are busier than others. Most removal companies give discounts on certain dates.
  3. Additional Services – Do you have special tasks for the movers? Are there belongings that require extra care such as antiques, grand pianos, large paintings, or sculptures? Do you want your place cleaned before moving out? Ask your move consultant if they have those services.

Removalist consultants often come to your residential property to survey your property. Then they will give you a rough estimate of what you need to pay for your move.

What are the removal costs for local or interstate move?

It’s essential for moving services to know what kind of moving house job you need. One of the most important things they ask is the type of move you’ll be having: local or interstate.

Local moves are the most common and it’s often people just moving from suburb to city or from any place under 50 miles of their old location. For local moves, removal costs are charged often through hourly rates.

Interstate moves on the other hand tend to be more complex. You need a dedicated crew of removal experts and furniture removalists to handle your move. Interstate removalists moves are just like its name which is any move that crosses state lines. Because of the distance of travel, they also typically cost more than local moves.

How do removal companies price house or apartment move?

The average moving house costs will also differ based on the size of your property. Compared to a one-bedroom apartment, a 2-bedroom house will often require more packing material, a larger van, and more time for furniture removalists to load and unload all your items. Competitive removalist quotes will often offer discounts for property type and location.

How many bedrooms?

Your removal quotes can also change depending on the interior of your house. Some removal companies price their hourly by the number of bedrooms of your house. So a 1-bedroom apartment will typically cost less than a 4-bedroom house.

There are also other variables that may affect your removalist quote. For example, if your house has stairs which will make loading stuff longer. Or if the walking distance to the driveway will make it challenging for movers to load your stuff.

How much “stuff” do you have? Is your house full of furniture, books, sports equipment, etc?

Obviously, the more stuff you move, the pricier the cost. However, not all three-bedroom houses will have the same cost. Costs can vary depending on the volume and weight of the “stuff” you own.

All of this will be under your inventory. This is a long and detailed list that will show the quantity and condition of items that will be packed. If anything is damaged or missing in the inventory, you can easily see and solve the issue with your movers.

Easy access to both places? Can the removal company park their truck close to the entrance?

Once the movers arrive at your location, the first thing they’ll do is find a place to park their moving trucks. Most neighbourhoods allow residential parking but if access is limited or there might be issues, it’s best to relay it to the movers, days before the move.

Your moving company will need to be informed if they need extra tools or other smaller vehicles to be used for loading and unloading your valuables. Moving house is a challenging process that needs to be planned and organised months before the actual moving date.

Do you need a packing service? How do you save money for your moving costs?

Want to have a stress-free moving day? Try to hire a removals company that also has a packing service. If cost is not an issue, hiring professionals to pack and unpack your valuables should help you save time and energy.

Most moving companies are also flexible with their packing services. You can opt to have partial packing where movers will only pack bulky and big furniture. Of course, a full house worth of packing is going to be more expensive than just one room. So before you ask for your removal quotes, decide if you wish to pack yourself or have the movers do it for you.

Overview: What Do Removal Quotes Include?

Price: Removal quotes often include the average cost of your move. It doesn’t always include extra fees or charges unless stated by the removalist company.

Work: Your removal quote will also include a description of the work that the removal company will do for you. This also includes the vehicle or truck, the number of removalists, their services, and any other additional information for the service.

Insurance: Your removal quote will also include the insurance cover of the company. It’s vital to compare removalists insurance policies to get the best deal for your moving process.

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