How to Pack Shoes for Moving

How to Pack Shoes for Moving

Let’s all get one thing straight: packing items for moving is a chore! Whether you’re living in a small apartment or a big house, packing up your life is time-consuming and tedious. But even worse is when you have to pack footwear. Shoes are one of the bulkiest and awkward items to pack when moving. They’re dirty, aren’t foldable, often heavy, and can easily deform under too much weight.

When you’re packing shoes for your big move, you need to know some basic guidelines to ensure all your footwear is safe during transit. Lucky for you, we’ve some tips and tricks on how to pack shoes for moving. Are you ready to pack shoes like a pro? Read our how-to-pack shoes for moving guide and find out!

Decide which shoes to keep

The first thing to do is decide which shoes you’ll want to bring to your new home. It can be a tough decision if you have so many pairs of shoes and only limited space in your new home. In this stage, you also have to consider that you can save money if you minimize the items you’ll bring. So, if you’re not using your shoes, it’s much wiser to donate or sell them than bring them to your new location. Don’t hesitate to say goodbye to shoes that you won’t be using again. Consider donating or selling them instead!

When deciding which shoes to keep and let go of, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are these shoes worn out or damaged beyond repair?
  • Did I wear these shoes from the past year?
  • Do these shoes still fit me?
  • Do I like wearing these shoes?


Clean your shoes

Give your shoes a good thorough washing so that all dirt and debris are washed away. Don’t be lazy to spend a day brushing and scrubbing your shoe soles. You’ll thank yourself later for doing this. Who wants to bring dusty old shoes to their new place? Greeting your new home with fresh clean items is always a good feeling!

Never ever pack wet and dirty shoes even if you plan on piling dirty shoes together in one box. Dirt and small rocks can rub during transit and it can damage shoes. Always use a stiff brush to clean dirt out from the soles of your shoes. If you have lots of leather shoes, consider using a moisturising polish to keep the shiny appearance of your footwear.

After washing, let your shoes air dry so that they’re free of moisture when you place them inside the box. If you want to prevent any kind of moisture from seeping into your boxes, powder the insides of your shoes.

If you have stinky shoes even after washing, you can eliminate odour in a couple of ways. The easiest is by buying anti-bacterial spray or rubbing alcohol. If you don’t want to save money, you can also use common household items such as baking soda.

Sprinkling baking soda can absorb any smell that’s trapped in the shoes. Another good way to eliminate odour is to put citrus peel such as lime or orange in your shoe boxes to absorb unwanted odour. Lastly, if you have a dry tea bag, you can place that inside your shoes to neutralise the smell.

Group your shoes

After you’ve washed your shoes and thrown away damaged ones, it’s time to sort them into different types and categories. The more efficient you are in this process, the easier will be the unpacking process once you’ve transferred to your new home.

Most of us probably own around seven to ten pairs of shoes for different purposes. If you have more shoes, you’ll need to have several moving boxes for your move. Are you someone with a grand shoe collection? Well, don’t worry, there are many ways you can group your shoes. Here are some of the most common:

By size: You can sort your shoes based on size (long shoes, lighter shoes, wide shoes, small shoes, etc.)

By type: This is a great way to sort shoes if you tend to use different kinds of footwear. (heels, boots, sandals, sneakers, athletic shoes, etc.)

By season: Pack shoes by season. Seasonal shoes should be placed in their own shoe box. Have separate moving boxes for warm weather footwear and colder weather footwear.

By family member: If you live in a household with three or more different family members. Getting each one their own boxes can also be a great way to group shoes.

By material: You can also sort your shoes based on the material to prevent damage. (leather shoes, synthetic shoes, rubber shoes, etc.)

Gather materials for packing and wrapping your shoes

Your move might only last a few hours, but creases in your leather shoes will last forever! To prevent damage to your beloved footwear, use the right packing materials. Here are some of our recommended materials to use:

  • Packing paper
  • Moving boxes (preferably large ones)
  • Packing tape
  • Permanent marker


Ways to wrap your shoes

Before packing and wrapping your shoes, always place crumpled or packing paper inside the shoe to maintain its shape. You can also use rolled-up socks to protect the shape of your shoe.

Resist the urge to use random wrapping papers for your shoes. Do not use old newspapers or even coloured gift wraps to wrap your shoes. Ink and coloured paper can leave hard-to-remove stains on your precious shoes. Never use bubble wrap or plastic paper as they can promote moisture. This will protect the shoe from deforming during transit.

If you still have your shoe dust bags, you can use them instead of packing paper. Wrapping each shoe individually prevents them from rubbing against each other and causing scratches or damage.

It’s also important to understand that not all shoes should be packed the same way. Shoes that always need to be stuffed are dress shoes, boots, and loafers. These types of shoes have a distinct shape and can easily deform under pressure.

After placing the packing paper, wrap the shoes with clean packing paper again and place them in their original box. Emphasis on the clean. Avoid packing your shoes with stained or coloured paper as they will leave a mark especially on your white-coloured footwear.

Pack essentials shoes separately

Set aside a couple of shoes you’ll still need to use the week before and during the week of your moving day. Place them in a duffel bag or suitcase you’ll be carrying alongside with you during the big day. When placing shoes inside your suitcase along with other items, protect them from other contents by placing them in their dust bags or wrapping them with packing paper.

How to pack shoes for moving (arrangement tips)

When placing shoes inside a box or suitcase, always use the sole to side method. This method is good if you’re packing shoes in a suitcase along with other items. In this technique, you’re placing the shoes at the bottom of the container. The pairs should touch the sides of the suitcase or box.

When arranging shoes inside the box, remember to never crowd them. Although it good to utilise the space in your moving box, it’s also important to preserve your footwear’s quality. Don’t put too many shoes inside a box to prevent damage and deformity.

You may be tempted to hasten this process by tossing all your shoes inside the moving boxes. This can damage and make them unwearable. So, don’t simply throw all your shoes in the box. Here are some basic rules to follow when arranging footwear:

  1. Always place the heavier shoes at the bottom so it won’t rush the lighter shoes.
  2. Place boots ad loafers on the bottom while lighter shoes such as flip flops, dress shoes, and sandals are on top.
  3. Take your time in arranging correctly. This will preserve your footwear when you reach your destination.
  4. Do not use plastic wraps or bubble wraps. These materials can trap moisture and allow mould and fungus to grow inside your shoes.
  5. Tie your sneakers together using their laces inside the moving box.
  6. If you still have the shoe boxes, always use them to keep your shoes from rubbing against each other.
  7. Pack your best and favourite shoes individually and in a more secure moving box.
  8. Also, don’t forget to label each box with detail. This will help with unpacking later on.
  9. When loading boxes into the moving truck, never put heavy boxes on top of the boxes that contain your shoes.


Let Us Help You!

Packing shoes should be easy and fun! I hope the guide above has given you knowledge on how to pack shoes for moving the right way. If ever you need expert help, we’re here! Herbert Removals Sydney can help you pack clothes, items, and furniture for a smooth moving process. With our help, your shoes and other items will be transferred to your new location efficiently! Call us at 0408 269 817 to learn more about our removal and packing services in Sydney’s Inner West, Eastern Suburbs, Northern Beaches or Western Sydney.