How Much Do Removalists Cost

How Much Do Removalists Cost

Are you moving out soon? Whether you’re moving out from an apartment, a family home, or a condo, moving your possessions to a new place can be a lot of work. This is especially true if you’re moving house the first time. If that’s the case for you, you need expert help to do your tasks. But first, you have to know the costs of most removal services. Let’s find out.

What is included for furniture removals?

Furniture removal services don’t just do basic removal jobs, they also offer several services you might need during the course of the move. Examples of jobs they can do are loading valuables onto a truck or van, transport to a new location, unloading and assembling items in specific rooms of your choice. There are also other companies that offer extra services whenever their clients have special needs. Extra services can be special packing for fragile furniture, storage, and cleaning homes/rooms.

How to create a moving budget?

Moving can be extremely expensive without a solid plan. Here are things you need to know when creating a moving budget.

  • Write your inventory. Determine how many items you’re moving. Try to create a list and be as detailed about it as possible.
  • Set up a moving budget template where you list costs for every service you may need for your move. Include insurance, packing costs, and miscellaneous fees.
  • If you’re not sure of the cost of services, ask for quotes from different moving companies.

How do they calculate the cost?

The cost of removal jobs depends on a lot of factors but normally, you get to decide if you want to be billed by the hour cost or by fixed cost based on your moving needs. Requesting an accurate quote is often done through an online form or by contacting one of the in-charge staff. It’s very important to answer questions truthfully so that you will get an accurate estimate cost of your move.

How much does a professional moving company charge per hour?

Based on the Australian trade service website, removal companies can cost from around $75 to $300 an hour. There are also additional fees based on the special services you might have requested, the quantity and weight of your belongings, and the difficulty of the move. For example, if you request packing services, you might have to pay twice as much service fee. If you also have to rent more than one removal truck, that’s another increase in the cost of their hourly charge.

How long do removalists take?

Moving time is different from one person to another. It usually depends on the location and difficulty of the move. If you’re moving within the same state, moving can take just a few hours, but if you’re moving overseas, it can take days or weeks to move. There are also several factors to consider when determining the total time of your move. But, mostly here’s how removalists calculate moving time:

Time = (Access X # of items) + Drive time + Prep/Packing + Placement Decisions

How much does a removalist charge for their time? And what other things can affect the cost? There are factors that may affect your moving time are as follows:

  • number of boxes you have to move
  • number of furniture
  • truck parking
  • type of access of your property
  • organisation of items

There are also average moving times for different kinds of homes. Here’s a simple example:

  • Studio/1 Bedroom 2-3hrs
  • 2 Bedrooms 3-5hrs
  • 3 Bedrooms 4-6hrs (2-3 movers)
  • 4 Bedrooms (3-4 movers)
  • 5 Bedrooms 7-9hrs (4-5 movers)

Take note that the number of staff assigned for your move can also affect the moving costs. Ask the company how many movers they will assign to you before hiring them.

How to reduce removalist costs?

Whether you’re moving to the next city or across the state, moving can cost you a lot. From the packing supplies, transportation, and other hidden fees during the process— your total cost can easily skyrocket. So, how do you save money when hiring removalists? Here are some of our best tips!

  • Skip packing service and pack all your belongings. Most removalist costs are increased by extra packing and cleaning costs!
  • Source your own packing materials. Collect cardboard boxes, newspapers, and padding months before the moving date. You can also use your own boxes as long as they’re sturdy and chemical-free.
  • Before deciding on a removalist company to hire, compare quotes from different companies. Choose companies that do interstate as well as local moves.
  • Try to arrange your move during off-peak periods. Peak periods are often during summer and holidays. Booking move outside these times will save you tons of money as removalist prices are low in the

Tips on hiring a removalist

Hiring a removalist company or professional movers for your big move is a smart choice for a whole lot of reasons. Here are tips on how to hire the best removalist for your moving needs.

  • Research every potential removalist you’d like to hire. Compare the removalist cost of each company. Try to choose removalists with prices not far from the average removal costs.
  • If you have trusted friends, ask for their personal advice, recommendations, or warnings about moving companies they’ve hired in the past.
  • Choose removalists that are experts on both interstate and local move jobs. These companies probably have years of experience and know the regions inside and out.
  • Always get insurance. Accidents can happen anytime, so it’s wise to be insured. Opt for a company that has public liability insurance.
  • Choose removalists that have flexible packing options. So that you can choose to pack yourself or allow them to only pack bulky and fragile items. This will reduce your overall estimated total cost.

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