7 Reasons Families are Moving to Western Sydney

7 Reasons Families are Moving to Western Sydney

Thinking about buying a house in Western Sydney? Here’s an overview of what you’d expect if you moved there:

What’s it like living in Western Sydney?

Western Sydney is largely a residential area suited for many families. Its accommodations are way cheaper compared to the northern suburbs and the city region.

It’s also not too far to drive to Sydney CBD. Just 45 minutes by car or 1 hour by public transport. Despite not being the central hub of Sydney, its dining scene is one of the best! Here you’ll find restaurants that serve different kinds of international cuisine. And they’re all cheaper than CBD-based dining!

When it comes to diversity, the region is very multicultural. In fact, 35% of the population are born overseas. Most people visit the area to meet people who speak other languages. According to data, the region has the highest percentage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples than any other part of Australia.

Is it safe to live in Western Sydney?

Sydney is generally a safe city. If you compare it to other countries such as UK and US, Australia is the 13th safest nation in the world. Sydney is also in the top 5 spots for the safest city globally.

As far as crime goes, there are places that tend to have more crime than others. For example, Blacktown has the highest reputation for motor vehicle theft in New South Wales.

Transport infrastructure

There’s a very promising future for the transport infrastructure in Western Sydney. Recently, the Australian and New South Wales Governments invested around $4 billion over 10 years for the Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan (WSIP). The WSIP aims to provide better transportation and roads service that will benefit the region’s growing population.

Some of their upcoming projects include:

  • Western Sydney Airport (Nancy-Bird Walton)
  • The Northern Road
  • Bringelly Road
  • M12 Motorway
  • Werrington Arterial Road
  • Glenbrook Intersection at Ross Street
  • Local Roads Package


When it comes to green open spaces, studies reveal that Australia’s largest cities including those in Sydney West don’t have as much green space availability. So, if you’re house-hunting in the region, you’ll be a bit disappointed.

Suburbs with parklands, tree-lined streets, and green open spaces are in high demand. With more and more people moving their office space to their homes, green spaces in the neighbourhood are becoming more and more important.

Some of the best western suburbs and towns with lots of quality green spaces include the Oran Park, Merrylands, and Mount Vernon.

First home buyer affordability

Sydney West used to be the go-to place when property prices in all of Sydney were skyrocketing. But now, things have changed. West house prices have also gone up.

In 2018, the median dwelling prices in western suburbs climbed to as much as 150%. This makes housing affordability a real challenge for people who want to move to the region.

To solve this predicament, Landcom, the NSW Government’s land and property development organisation has started creating new communities in both North and South West Sydney. These communities are made of affordable, environment-friendly, and sustainable residential plans.

Government assistance schemes are also underway to help first home buyers. Some of the most common are the HomeBuilder scheme and the First Home Buyer Assistance Scheme.

The second CBD

Parramatta is often known as Sydney’s second CBD. North Parramatta has all the amazing amenities of CBD, plus it’s only a 30-minute train ride from the city centre.

Not really a place for families, Parramatta is more popular among young couples who are into high-rise apartment units and low-maintenance living. Based on recent statistics, the average age of residents living in Parramatta is only 30 years old. Compared to other cities in Sydney, it has a very hip and young vibe.

If you choose Parramatta to be your home, you’ll be fine as well. There are plenty of nearby suburbs in the area with all the amenities your family may need. Examples are Oran Park, Penrith, and Liverpool. Overall, it has almost everything the major CBD has available.

In North Parramatta, you’ll find the biggest shopping centres, multicultural dining, major businesses, and a wide range of service outlets. Parramatta also has great transportation options. There are trains, buses, and ferries available every hour of the day, ready to take you to different parts of Sydney. If you’re looking for schools, you’ll also find that the region has easy access to plenty of learning service centres surrounding its suburbs.

Arts and entertainment

Western Sydney is known for its world-class art, entertainment, and recreation facilities. Some of the best art museums and galleries in the area include:

  • Bankstown Arts Centre
  • Blacktown Arts Centre
  • Casula Powerhouse
  • Campbelltown Arts Centre
  • Fairfield City Museum and Gallery
  • Hawkesbury Regional Museum
  • Hawkesbury Regional Gallery
  • Penrith Performing & Visual Arts Ltd
  • Riverside Theatre in Parramatta.

Wildlife adventures

Western Sydney is one of the most beautiful destinations for wildlife adventures in all of Australia. If you want to see Australian wildlife, simply go to Featherdale Zoo. If you’re more interested in amphibious creatures, simply head over to the Australian reptile park. If you and your family love hiking and nature trekking, there are also plenty of expeditions in Perth.

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